Land Development

Comprehensive. Creative. Cost-Effective.

Land development has evolved into an increasingly complex task that often presents many design and engineering challenges. The regulations that guide land development are unique for each municipality, and it’s critical to have all of your I’s dotted and T’s crossed at the start of your project. It’s also more important than ever to deliver solutions that are not only innovative, but also cost-effective.

Horst Excavating offers comprehensive services for a wide range of land development projects.

We are staffed to manage site development projects of all sizes. Our experienced teams, top-of-the-line equipment, responsive and accurate estimating practices, and impeccable safety record make us the best partner for your next project.

Our specialties for land development services include:

  • MUNICIPAL – Horst is qualified to serve municipalities in their land development needs
  • COMMERCIAL – Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, multi-purpose spaces, parking garages
  • INDUSTRIAL – Large, complex industrial facility projects with multiple site variables
  • EDUCATION – Universities, public schools, private institutions, athletic fields
  • RESIDENTIAL – Single-home communities, condominium developments, community recreation spaces
Ralph Carruthers

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