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Horst Excavating & Excavation FAQ

Questions About Horst Excavating

Want to learn more about Horst Excavating? Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What Areas Do Horst Excavating Serve?

What Services Do You Offer?

What’s Your Preferred Contract Size?

Do You Work for Other Construction Companies, or Just Horst Construction?

What Industries Do You Specialize In?

Do You Do Residential Projects?

How Long Have You Been in Business?

What Makes Horst Excavating Different?

I’m a Contractor and Would Like to Be Placed on Your Bidders List. How Do I Get Added?

Questions About Excavating

While we welcome and encourage you to reach out to us directly regarding any questions you have, here are answers to a few of those that are most commonly asked.

What’s the Difference Between Hiring an Excavator as a Prime Contractor or Subcontractor?

What Kind of Equipment is Typically Used on Projects?

What Impact Will Rain and Other Weather Events Have on Excavating?

What Happens to the Large Piles of Dirt on a Jobsite?

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