Five Ways Horst Excavating’s Contributions Strengthen Project Teams

Every project team is unique. The dynamics that comprise the team are largely dependent on the individual companies that are represented, as well as the individuals who are part of it. At Horst Excavating, our company culture places a large emphasis on teamwork and how to strengthen the project teams that we are part of. Here are five key ways that we bring value to the projects we are partners on.

1.      Big Picture Mindset. Horst is more than just dirt. We understand that excavation is only one of many moving pieces that make up the entire project, and we approach with a broad view that considers the larger scale goals and ultimate result. Our experience with and knowledge of code and regulatory issues allows for more thorough and comprehensive planning from the start. Combined with a mindset that reflects a long-term analysis, Horst’s tactics and insights provide our partners with a unique perspective and awareness of how the project’s pieces fit together.

2.      Meticulous Coordination. Our staff has the experience to be attentive to the details of a project, consistently recognizing and monitoring the moving parts that comprise its whole. Because of this, Horst’s planning capabilities are top-notch, with careful consideration given to scheduling and integrating the various contributions by other members of the project team. We conscientiously look ahead and design our strategy with flexibility and ongoing analysis throughout the project’s duration.

3.      Quality Solutions. At Horst, Value Engineering is about so much more than just eliminating from or otherwise cheapening the project. We take the time to explore the idiosyncrasies of each project and evaluate it for alternative materials, methods, and systems that could save time or money. Furthermore, we are deliberate in our investigation of life-cycle or long-term implications on a project. We understand the importance of capturing our client’s ultimate vision and keeping the end-user in mind. We capitalize on our extensive experience to bring quality and creative solutions that offer a high-quality result at an affordable cost.

4.      Budgets. Our knowledgeable estimating staff, along with sophisticated technological capabilities, allow us to create highly accurate and reliable budgets for our clients. We supplement this experience of demonstrated accuracy with real-world data maintained within our estimating systems. Our historical data is based on actual Horst projects and provides additional checks and balances to ensure accuracy of our budgets. Additionally, we clarify the parameters within which the estimate was prepared, as well as quantity takeoff and any Value Engineering or alternative design solutions that have been identified, allowing for a solid and dependable cost analysis.

5.      Team-Centered Approach. With an emphasis on collaboration and communication, Horst embodies an approach that encourages an encompassing team orientation. We understand that we are all working toward a common goal as valuable members of the same team and that each team member has a unique skillset to contribute. By maintaining an open communication process and engaging the team in collaborative problem solving we know that our clients are getting the most efficient and astute solutions.

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