Columbia River Park

Prior to the construction of the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center at the Columbia River Park, Horst Excavating was involved in laying the groundwork for what is now an exceptional outdoor recreation area along the Susquehanna River.


  • Installation of four cofferdams to replace a concrete boat ramp
  • Installation of new canoe/kayak launch area separate from power boats
  • Installation of two floating boat docks
  • Upgraded street lighting in the park
  • Removed existing asphalt in parking area
  • Installation of porous asphalt paving in parking lot
  • Standard concrete and porous sidewalks and walking trails were installed around the area which would eventually become the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center
  • Retaining wall installation
Project Details

Owner: Columbia Borough
Location: Columbia, PA


  • Site Excavation
  • Road & Infrastructure Construction
  • Demolition & Land Clearing
  • Erosion Control & Soil Remediation